Solar Power

The sun is the ultimate natural, free energy source. The roof top of an average home collects about 50 times as much solar power as a household requires with no carbon emissions and no greenhouse gases. solar power can provide abundant heat, with increasing costs of electricity – and the growing environmental costs – switching to solar hotwater has never made more sense.

Solar Power or Solar Hot water? Or both?

Families see dramatic power bill decreases utilising even the simplest of solar solutions, like Solar Hot Water heating. They may choose to upgrade their system down the track with a Solar Power PV system after seeing bill reductions from hot water. Some people choose to start with Solar PV to get the biggest savings the fastest, and some people install complete Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems at the same time for maximum savings. Whatever your budget, we have a solution to get chopping your power bills straight away.

What size system is right for you?

Choosing the right size system is important too. We offer great, small home solutions starting at 1.5kW up to 10kW and beyond for larger operations. See the chart below to determine how much energy per day you require and we will tailor your system to suit. Alternitavley, send your powerbill to and we can let you know the most optimal system for your needs. Take a look at our energy generation chart to see how energy is generated and used over the course of your day.


Our installs

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Choosing the right system

Everyone has different requirements and choosing the best kind of system to fit your power usage needs covers all your bases. Take a look at the list below to see some of the different kinds of solar setups we can provide and which one suits you the best.

Back up storage

If you are connected to a power company and want access to your own solar power during a power cut, the Back Up Storage system will draw emergency power from your batteries, up to the maximum you have stored. With this inverter unit your solar power keeps the batteries topped up, ready for back up use, and also supplies power to your house. These units are designed to switch over and draw from the batteries in a power cut so you have your own emergency power. They do not feed surplus solar power back to the power company so getting the battery size right is important. We install Back Up Storage systems ranging from 2kW up to 20kW with up to 20kWh in battery storage.

System monitoring

Keep an eye on your energy usage with great data and analytics to get the most out of your system. Click on the video to see how Enphases ‘MyEnlighten’ monitoring app works. For more info head over to Enasolar or Enphase MyEnlighten.


Want to know more?

If you still have questions regarding making the move to solar power, get in touch with us. Head over to our Contact Page, flick us a facebook message or jump on the phone and have one of our solar experts answer your questions.

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