• Each year electricity increases on average 5-7% each year
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Solar is a long term investment, lock your free energy in for the next 25 years. With over 15 years experience in the industry, we know what system works for what project whether it be for six panels for a tiny home or the family bach or 500 Panels for a large commercial project. We have worked with some of the worlds best solar brands in our industry.


Whether you live in a rural location without reliable grid access, or simply want to be more independent of the grid. More and more customers are choosing to go off-grid, simply to gain complete energy independence,  while protecting themselves against rising electricity prices from the power companies.

If you live remotely running a cable back to the network, at the street, can cost around $1,000 per metre. After this large outlay, you’ll still be hit with your monthly power bill while continuing to keep paying rising power prices year on year and also be exposed to powercuts.

The most important steps in designing and sizing an off-grid solar power system are to determine the required electricity need. This will be done by a load analysis to calculating what the loads are, how many they are, how many watts each load is and how long each load is used every single day.

Then we can determine the number of solar panels and solar batteries needed to run the house off-grid.  We try to aim for 1-2 days back up. When designing a solar energy system, we included in the calculation the effect of change in seasons to the annual energy production.

Once you go off-grid you'll never see a power bill ever again! We take the guesswork out of going off-grid with our ‘smart off-grid systems’.


For more information check out Solartive's website

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