Home ventilation systems use in line fans to move air around different rooms in your house. They can provide continuous ventilation - regardless of the weather, and without the need to open doors and windows. They also transfer warm air from one room to warm up other areas of your home to get the most out of your home heating method. Ventilation works great with woodburners, heat pumps and even traditional fireplaces.

How can my home benefit from a ventilation system?

A well designed and installed home ventilation system offers the convenience of good ventilation by continuously replacing air, independently of weather conditions. If dampness is your main concern, address the source of the moisture problem before looking at ventilation systems. You will often be able to address the source of the moisture yourself without having to invest in an expensive ventilation system. Ventilation systems by themselves are not an effective way to heat your home. If you are trying to make your home warmer, it’s better to invest in insulation and install an effective heating system.


Heat transfer ventilation

A home ventilation system allows you to transfer heat from your main living area, where your homes heat source is located and spread it right through your house. Get the most out of your heating costs and send the warmth all through your house, no more sleeping with the bedroom heater on!

Warm, clean air

Our heat transfer systems also contain filters that filter out any dust or mould from the air being moved. This ensures that air being vented into each room is clean and helps cut down on allergies and respiratory related illness.

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